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EU Directive No. 2000/53/EC on end-of-life vehicles was amended in 2007, resulting in a partial ban on the use of hexavalent chromium in vehicle materials and components. The corrosion protection through yellow chromatising which we previously employed was terminated as a result. Available alternatives, namely zinc as a basic layer with thick layer passivation, are far from adequate in terms of their technological properties and meeting VOSS standards. Indeed, they represent a deterioration in quality. This was - and is - unacceptable to us, as VOSS strives at all times to improve the customer benefits inherent in its products and solutions.

The solution: the VOSS zinc-nickel surface. Its relevant properties surpass those of yellow chromatising. Particularly impressive is the 10 times greater corrosion protection. It represented an innovative boost in 2007 for the entire hydraulic coupling technology market. The steel is covered by three layers, namely a basic zinc-nickel layer, a passivation layer and a sealing layer, which offer an optimum level of corrosion protection. We established our own plating competence centre in 2009 in which we produce and perfect our surface.

Our surface sets the market standard for corrosion resistance in every area and is utilised consistently in our entire product range - and that since 2007. Maximum availability on a global scale. For you this means maximum process reliability for your application. Unmixed. Without confusion. For applications in hydraulic presses, plant engineering, construction and agricultural machinery, materials handling and plastic injection machines as well as machine tools.

VOSS coat-competence-center

VOSS coat stands for perfected corrosion protection, technology, sustainability and putting people at the heart of things. VOSS coat is the product of continuous optimising (e.g. of coefficients of friction, layer thickness distribution and visual appearance). These result from many years of experience in production processes and customer use and are advanced further through our own research and development. Only VOSS unites all these competencies under a single roof, with our own VOSS coat competence centre and test plating facility. This enables us to ensure that our corrosion protection meets your highest standards. For measurable progress.