Individual KIT delivery

Just in Sequence

High stocks do not bind a quantity of capital, which can be despised, in many enterprises. In the lowering is appropriate for this capital freeze the priority Inge the goal of our kanban system.

Additionally your turn-around times are reduced. Those freely becoming resources can use you then more optimally. Result is a flexible production flow, which can react fast to changed demand quantities. Adjustment at changed market situations require no complete restructuring of your process price increase, but can purposefully at individual points be made.

Of the analysis over the implementation up to current control and adjustment of the kanban systems. Our project team stands for you at any time during the entire process accompanying to the side.

Hereby we guarantee you a complete project succession and a high process quality. Of course the framework ensures smooth supply and thus also higher production security.

Our logistics solutions do not start with the picking and do not stop at the dispatch. In order to meet all your requirements perfectly, we offer you the optimum module from procurement to complete parts management.
These are just examples that might suit you. Our own fleet guarantees a fast and smooth supply. However, delivery via our transport partners and the fitting of customer-friendly means of transport is also possible.