Dual studies at STIEFEL

Enter a strong partnership

The Baden-Württemberg University of Technology Stuttgart offers more than 40 nationally and internationally recognized, professionally integrated bachelor's degree programs in cooperation with around 2,000 selected companies and social institutions in the faculties of business, technology and social engineering. A work-integrated further development enables the DHBW's own non-consecutive master program.

The study of BWL-Industry provides students with a high level of professional and management skills in national and international companies from a wide range of industries. Growing dynamism, complexity and globalization of modern economic life require expert, flexible and internationally experienced specialists and managers. The studies at the DHBW Stuttgart take full account of the current developments in the economy.

In accordance with the dual system, the study is coordinated with the interlinking of theoretical and practical phases. After each theory-study phase, a practical phase follows the respective dual partner. In this way, the theoretically mediated lecture medium is practically deepened in an optimum manner. The 6-semester course leads to the title Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) after successful completion.

You have questions about the course of studies?
You can find answers to your question by looking at the respective study offers. Here you will find a description of the students, the beginning of the course, the requirements for you and your fields of activity.

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