Visual check including an installation related inspection report

Your advantages:
  • The Visual inspection of the hydraulic connections is documented and therefore represents a recommendation for the operator (maintenance).
  • Fritz STIEFEL GmbH ensures that the agency responsible for visual inspection person within the meaning of TRBS 1203 Part 2 and paragraph 7 Self-assessment is a ″Qualified Person″ for testing the hydraulic coupling technology on work equipment.
  • Classified installations within the meaning of § 1 of the ordinance on industrial safety are not checked by the Fritz STIEFEL GmbH.
  • You get ″Vision test protocol″ of the corresponding machine or to the documentation and storage of the Fritz STIEFEL GmbH.
  • You decide whether in the vision test protocolvon of the ″qualified person″ recommendations documented in writing and exchanged the hose or piping, or other recommended measures be implemented.

Basic agreement with temporal definition of the recurring visual check

Your advantages:
  • The equipment to be tested are fixed on a framework agreement for the regular ″visual inspection″ on the hydraulic connection technology. The check interval is defined here.
  • We talk to active. Their plants are subjected to in the defined intervals of Visual inspection.

Consultation regarding safety-relevant products in the hydraulic connection

Your advantages:
  • We offer solutions, which security at your plants increases regarding the hydraulic connection technique.
Examples: Prevent the flogging of hose assemblies, targeted oil outflow in case of failure of hose assemblies etc.

Hose on hose management Ident

Your benefits:
  • The hose Coding of STIEFEL GmbH offers a sustainable documentation of hydraulic connectivity within the meaning of the ordinance on industrial safety.
  • We thus provide a smooth re-ordering of hose lines.
  • Replacement of hose assemblies on site by our well-known process.
  • Detection of the hose in the STIEFEL-IT (date of manufacture, defined change interval, deadline next tube change).
  • If desired, we provide you with this documentation on an outsourced file.
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