Double acting pneumatics square tube cylinder manufactured according to ISO 6431 and VDMA 24562/part of 1 and CETOP in the diameters 32 to 160 mm stroke-independently. Production within 48 hours. Small, short-stroke, trick, double piston seaweed, square piston, tension and Special cylinder in all commercial sizes available.

Automatic valves

2/2- and 3/2-more media of single solenoid valves directly or indirectly steered. Media: Compressed air, neutral gases and highly liquid fluids. Housing: Brass and high-grade steel. Thread: G 1/8" to R 2".

Pneumatic valves

Mechanically and electro-pneumatically operated 2/2, 3/2, 5/2 and 5/3-way valves (seat and spool-type). Thread: M5 to g 1". Large flow achievement with small nominal size.

Compressed air preparation

Compressed air service units drain, clean, oil and regulate your pressure water cycle. Connecting thread for service units, pressure control valves, filter controllers and oilers depending upon size of g 1/8" to g 1".

ND-connect couplings

ND-couplings for gaseous and liquid media in nominal sizes DN 2.7 to 13 mm. One-and two-sided shut-off, and with free passage. Works within the nominal width with all major manufacturers. Materials brass, galvanized steel, Nickel-plated brass and stainless steel.

ND Ball Valves

with and without DVGW approval
Areas of industrial, pneumatic, Hydraulics, heating and plumbing systems. 2 - and 3-way ball valves on request with pneumatic or electric Actuator. Thread of R 1/8" to R 4". Material nickel-plated brass and stainless steel.

Fittings and Accessories

Pneumatic fittings, brass and plastic for quick connect of plastic and copper pipes in Plug and screw type and as Function fittings. There are standard Adapter in all sizes, silencers, blow guns and all accessories from Stock. Tube OD 4-28 mm, Threads from M5 to R1".