Industry assembly

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Further divisions of the company have been built up continuously since 1962. In addition to trading in components, series-produced prefabricated hoses, machine-unit construction, Kanban logistics and pipe-bending technology, other divisions of the company were established in 2012, namely industrial installation and maintenance, application consulting for prototype construction and industrial hose systems.

Having its own servicing vehicles and fully equipped workshop vans, the Stiefel company is able to perform many different kinds of work locally on the premises of our customers. For example, preventive inspection and maintenance of machinery and equipment in accordance with directive BGR 237. We also make and install hydraulic hose pipes up to DN 40 directly on site (also 6-spiral). For prototypes, equipment and machines, we install complex pipe systems with Vossform pipe shaping or cutting rings, also in stainless steel if so required. We configure technical installations and equipment extensions according to the technical specifications of our customers and convert American shaped seals (JIC, ORFS) to the European standard in the metric or inch measurement system. On top of this, we test your hydraulic units to make sure they are working properly, check your hydraulic oil for contamination, carry out repairs, clean your oil using the open-cycle method or refill your oil containers and reservoirs.

We prefabricate hose pipes for the chemical and food-processing industry with FDA certification and supply ready-to-install pipes, for example for sewage stations and construction companies.