From a garage to Kanban logistics

Many important innovations and concepts arise from humble beginnings. Fritz Stiefel Industrie-Vertretungen GmbH was founded in a garage in 1962. Fritz Stiefel, who established the company in Waiblingen near Stuttgart, began with screws, bolts, clamps, lubricants and accessories for truck brakes.

Initialized as a pure trading set-up the company gradually included power unit construction, kanban logistics, module assembly and special mobile kits for companies - all in close accordance with the requirements of our customers. Since 2005, pipe-bending systems have become an additional part of our portfolio.

Fritz Stiefel founded his company in a garage in Waiblingen.

Expansion around Burlafingen.

Expansion around Klipphausen near Dresden.

Certification of STIEFEL Waiblingen according to DIN EN ISO 9001 ff.

Completion of the range of offers for pipe bending technology.

Expansion around the Zug location in Switzerland.

Certification of STIEFEL Burlafingen according to DIN EN ISO 9001 ff.