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For over 50 years, the second generation owner has been a family business STIEFEL on the market and has always been a premium supplier for products and services in the hydraulic and pneumatic systems and services including, hose technology, tube and pipe-bending, machine unit construction and module assembly.

As an independent, medium-sized and forward-looking system supplier, we stand for a transparent and trustworthy cooperation with our partners, which is characterized by quality and mutual appreciation. These elementary values ??in our company have made us successful.

Our company profile for download...

In order to give you an initial insight into our business areas and services, we have created a company profile for you. It shows our core competences, who we are and why you should cooperate with us. You can download the brochure of Fritz Stiefel Industrie-Vertretungen GmbH in PDF-format.

» Fritz Stiefel Company profile (PDF)



Hegnach - Waiblingen

Fritz Stiefel

Fritz Stiefel, Gerd Stiefel,
Rainer Stiefel

Products and services in hydraulics and pneumatics


€ 45 Mio.

Burlafingen / Neu-Ulm
Klipphausen / Dresden
Zug (Schweiz)

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